A kid computer desk is a small computer desk best suited for the use of children. Kids computer desks are usually made out of very sturdy materials, perfect for rugged use of children. A kid computer desk usually consists of a CPU compartment, a keyboard tray, a printer stand, some cabinets and drawers and other compartments for printers, books and other consoles. Most kinds of kid computer desk also serve as a study station, providing sufficient space for reading, researching and writing. A kid computer desk may also come as a built in accessory to a student chair, much like an arm chair, ideal for a class room setting.

A kid computer desk is specifically designed for the lifestyle of children, allowing for big spaces to move about and study, as well as having numerous storage spaces for organizing the materials they need. Most kid computer desk designs are also mobile, perfect for changing room positions.

A kid computer desk should be made out of the sturdiest materials that can withstand rugged (often careless) use. The most ideal material to choose would be metal or wood rather than glass, which is much more fragile. The wheels in the kid computer desk stands (for mobile desks) should also have efficient locking mechanisms or should at least be detachable for safety precautions.

For smaller children’s rooms with limited space, it is best to choose a corner kid computer desk to save as much floor space as possible. There are different kinds of corner desks, including the L-shaped, angle and alpha desks. It is also best to position a kid computer desk as far away from a window as possible, to avoid any environmental damage on the computer unit due to extreme weather conditions.

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