It requires a lot of hard work and planning to plan your workroom at your home. You have to consider so many factors before setting up an office. First of all you have to see whether you can give up a complete room for office or not. You can otherwise make your office in the study room or any other place.

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Whether you are working in a professional environment or planning a home office, communication system is always required. If you are planning a home office, you might need a powerful home PC and a reliable telephone system which are considered as the heart of present home office. It is recommended to install a separate office line and number as it will help you to segregate work from home.

Power and Light

Another aspect which you need to bear in mind while planning a home office is to install a proper power and lighting system. Make sure that there are enough sockets for all the technology and the lighting should bright and clear.

•    For desk, use directional lights.
•    Never have the source of light behind you, especially when you have your desk against the wall. Increase brightness with the wall lights.
•    It is important to plan your home office in such a way that whenever needed you can screen off sunlight.
•    Make sure that you don’t put too much load on the electrical sockets and secure cables to avoid tripping on them.

How Much Space Will I Need

It all depends on what type of office you are planning to run. Generally, you need to have a desk space and a chair, space for filing cabinet or shelves. You can use a metal rack and shelving brackets system that gives you floor to ceiling storage. Not to forget the computer workstation, you need space for that too. Ideally, your office should be away from the hub of the house and interruptions. If you can give up a complete room for work, then you will be able to get enough space to set up all these things, otherwise you have to be more intellective and wise in your approach to arrange your office at the side of the room away from family interruptions.

Office Maintenance

Office maintenance is as important as setting up an office. You have to keep this factor in mind before choosing office machinery. Always prefer to get office machinery from the shops that provide you good service support. For instance, get a PC package that includes repairs at home and not the one who insists to bring the PC to the shop. It is better to affiliate with an office supply company that provides next day stationary. It is not possible at time to get to the office supply shop for necessary items such as printer’s cartridges. Keep spare cartridges at home to avoid the hassle.

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